My name is Kelley and I’m the face behind Paper & Plumes, though there are many other hands that make this creative passion live on. I started P&P years ago, and despite some ebbs and flows (and a full-time Agency job) it’s still a passion I can’t live without. I obsess over details, love crafting (actually applying the glue and glitter, not just sourcing ;), and believe in the little things. Working with couples to translate faint ideas into wow-worthy experiences is why I choose to live the crazy/long-hours/not-glamorous event-design and planner job…AND I LOVE IT.

When I’m not working on P&P events, you can find me working with clients at Contrast DesignWorks, working on the She-Shed with my cute hubby, hiking with our Dog Lula, or baking chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and now taking care of my sweet daughter who joined our family in October :)