Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I love my girls! I am beyond thrilled for each of them to be a part of our wedding day. I am so blessed and grateful to have them in my life so I wanted to make this moment as special to them as it is for me and Joel.  

I searched and searched to find ideas on how to ask them to be my bridesmaids and found this as my inspiration. Thanks, Bethany! Such a sweet and creative way to ask your bridesmaids!


For the exterior of the box, I bought the following materials from one of my favorite stores in the world, Paper Source: vanilla craft cigar boxes, fine wrapping paper, PVA glue and ivory ribbons. Wrapping the box with the paper was pretty easy. I must say that it was very time consuming. It was definitely not your typical gift wrapping session because you have to wrap the interior of the box. 


I found Bethany's contents to be so helpful and cute so I followed the same format. I gave the girls four different cards that includes all the information they need for the big day. I bought some white seeded paper from Paper Source, and roughed the edges for a vintage look. I also gave them paint chips and some inspirational photos. 


For a mini present, I ordered custom-made flasks for each bridesmaid from The Truth Serum shop on Etsy. 

The lovely "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards are from Rifle Paper. I've been slightly obsessed with everything from their shop. We'll be using a lot of their items for the wedding so stay tuned for that!



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